Astounding Results Womens Hair Loss Treatments

Astounding Results Womens Hair Loss Treatments

Astounding Results Women’s Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning are a sign that something is going wrong in your body.
Please don’t ignore the signs!
Your hair does not deteriorate with age!
If your body cells are not working correctly or getting the Essential Nutrients they need, this leads to dis-ease in the body, or a Body that is out of Balance.
The side effect or symptom is Hair Loss and Hair Thinning.

In this video, we show microscopic images of a long term Hair Loss and Hair Thinning problem in combination, and the results we achieved after 3 months of In Clinic correction of the Hair Cycle in combination with HomeCare for the Female Pattern Thinning that was present.

The results are astounding, considering the degree of damage to the hairs and the amount of closed hair follicles we had (baldness), and now can see new hairs growing as well as follicles opening where they were not even visible before.

I never, ever make promises about growing hair I cannot see.
I can improve the growth of hair that I can see is not growing properly, but have rarely come across skin with no follicles, that have actually opened up, ready to grow hair!

As a Trichologist, I know and understand the Science of the Hair. With further study, I have introduced the simple things a cell needs to repair it’s self, and then go in with combination therapy to address all of the Hair Growth problems, all at the same time.
May sound overwhelming, or even confusing, but I assure you, I will teach you how to implement this into your daily life and get the end result, Healthy Hair!

Please don’t ignore the signs and get professional help as soon as you notice changes in your hair and skin for that matter.

Here to help with all Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Problems.
Carolyn Evans, Brisbane Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic.


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