Apple Poly Procyanidin Treatment For Hair Loss – May 2017

Apple Poly Procyanidin Treatment For Hair Loss – May 2017

Hi. It’s been like 3 months since my last update video. Sorry for the super late update video but I have been super busy with work. My hair is shorter in this video than it was in some of the previous videos because I recently got a haircut.

It is May 13, 2017. I have been using David Kern’s products for 10 months now. I am soon coming to a one year anniversary of using his products and I think I can say with confidence that his products cannot regrow the hair that I loss 10+ years ago. I don’t think the efficacy of his products are to blame. I think his products are absolutely, positively GREAT! 🙂

I think the main problem was that I waited too long to deal with my hairloss and whatever hair I did lose 10+ years ago could have been regrown but they eventually died off permanently because, like I said, I waited too long.

When it comes to hair loss, you have a small window of opportunity to deal with regrowing what you have lost… and if you wait too long and procrastinate your hair follicle will be dead and nothing can regrow… and in a situation like that there really is only one thing you can do: hair transplant. And perhaps I will go that route eventually.

Anyways, when it comes to Mr. Kern’s products, I have been using two of his products: the Apple Poly Capsules and his Procyanidin B2 spray. In all honesty, I may have missed a few days here and there, but for the most part I have been pretty diligent about using his products nearly every day for the past 10 months.

My final verdict on his products, at least when it comes to my own hairloss, is that it cannot regrow the hair that I have lost. But it can do the next best thing, which is to maintain whatever hair I still have left. I guess I cannot ask for much more than that. I will still continue to upload (or at least try to, lol) a video per month charting the progress (or lack of) with Mr. Kern’s products.

If any one is watching this video and has watched my other videos and will continue to watch whatever future videos I upload and furthermore are interested in using these products for your own hairloss… just click this link, or any of the other links I have posted, and it will take you directly to David Kern’s website where you can research and/or buy his products:

Thanks for watching and stay tune for more update videos. 🙂


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