Amazing Advanced Men Hair Loss Results Hair Restoration Surgery by Dr Diep Hair Doctor

Amazing  Advanced Men Hair Loss Results Hair Restoration Surgery by Dr Diep Hair Doctor

Before and after photos and results of patient by Dr Diep at 408-356-8600 or Patients results is very natural with great volume and density.

Dr. Diep specializes in the art of FUE Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant restoration surgery, performing thousands of surgeries, inventing his own FUE instrument and new FUE technique called, DFC or Diep FUE Curve method to harvest hair with greater efficiency. Dr. Diep is one of the best FUE hair transplant surgeon in California, USA. Through many years of experience, restoring thousands of hair, including celebrities, professional athletes, common and wealthy people throughout the United States and from different countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, England, Singapore, China, Taipei, Australia and many more.
Dr. Diep specializes in the art of creating natural Asian ethnic hairline. All of his results are very natural and dense. Dr. Diep creates hairline specifically for each ethnicity and each individual facial structure. Dr. Diep builds hairline uniquely for each individual, creating a master piece. Hair transplant is an art form, requiring not only surgical skills, but also artistic and aesthetic details to ensure natural and dense hair result form FUE and URFUT or FUT or Strip method.

We have discussed the Dr. Diep’s 7 rules to recreate natural and dense hair line. Here are the Diep’s 7 rules:
1) URFUT: Transplant one refined hair graft per site. With thinner hair graft and less skin, we can increase density and decrease dimpling.
2) Establishing appropriate hair line for certain ethnics: The Caucasian/white men tend to have more narrow face and thus higher and “archier” hair line, while the Asian men tend to have rounder face and thus look more appropriate with lower and broader hairline.
3) Zigzag line: Zigzag hair line will look very natural, while a straight hair line will look too artificial.
4) Outliers: multiple single hair grafts placement in front of the hair line to achieve naturalness by softening the hair line.
5) Selection of hair grafts: Place single hair grafts in the frontal zone of the hair line to soften the hair line, followed by hair roots which produce 2-3-4 hairs in the back to add bulk and volume.
6) Specific Angle of hair placement: The hair angle starts out around 30o in the frontal area and increases in steepness toward the back. The hair angle changes toward the sides.
7) Random hair placement: In nature, hair grows randomly, no specific rows or group. The more random the hair placement, the more natural it will appear.


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