African American Hair Transplant After Thinning From Braids | Dr. Harold Siegel (K)

African American Hair Transplant After Thinning From Braids | Dr. Harold Siegel (K)

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Ask a small group of African-American females with braids on any given day, and you’ll likely to find several women who are experiencing different stages of Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a form of hair loss that often occurs when hair is pulled too tightly for an extended time, frequently in braids.

After finding out about us on Youtube, K came to our Fort Lauderdale Clinic to receive hair transplant surgery. After years of braiding her hair, K’s edges disappeared due to Traction Alopecia. Working with Dr. Harold Siegel, K went through the pain-free process pleasantly. K advocates for the team at Natural Transplants, saying that they made her feel comfortable and calm during the entire procedure.

Watch as K is completely relaxed while her hair follicles are placed, listening to music and talking with Dr. Harold Siegel. K has one statement for those curious about hair transplants who may have had braids all their life: just do it!

But don’t just take it from K: Natural Transplants has over 100 proven results videos and over 225 happy patients testimonials! To watch patient follow-up videos of before and after hair transplant results, view our playlist here at

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Our team of experienced doctors works hard to develop the necessary types of hair grafts in various regions of the head to achieve world-class results. Our grafts are permanent and will last you a lifetime. This is what sets Natural Transplants apart from the rest of the hair transplantation industry!

Our clinic is excellent at making you feel right at home during your entire procedure. Our vast expertise with Traction Alopecia allows us to provide informed consultations for every patient.

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