7 Supplements That Have HEALED My PCOS| UPDATED!| Episode 2

7 Supplements That Have HEALED My PCOS| UPDATED!| Episode 2

Welcome To My Channel. My Name Is Rebekka. I Have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Which Caused Me To Gain A lot Of Weight All At Once. I Went From Fat To Skinny And Fit Back To Fat. I Am On My Journey To Heal Myself, Get Healthy, And Everything In Between.

Im sorry I haven’t been posting constantly. But here is an updated video on my pcos supplements. A few things have changed and I wanted to make sure you were all updated on the matter. I am currently doing a series for PCOS and hormone imbalanced people so they can get the help they need. I also have a few people in my dm’s on instagram. Just think of how many followers/subscribers I have (on all channels) and think about what my dm’s look like. I do not have time to answer individual questions always its best to leave a comment below and I will get back to you when I can. Follow my new instagram @bekkausehealth I will be sharing tips and tricks with you though the times that I am not posting. Make sure you also keep up will all of my videos if you are really seeking help. All of my videos have hidden tips in all of them that will help you heal your PCOS and hormonal imbalances. All my videos will answer the question of how to heal pcos. Im here to help and try and teach as I am learning. I will also be doing a health challenge at the beginning of the year(a video will be posted soon on this). So make sure that you all stay tuned and keep your notifications on, we are getting it right 2020 and beyond.


Chlorophyll Liquid(Vegan):

Chlorophyll Pills 100MG(Vegan):

Chlorophyll Pills 60 MG(Vegan):

Cinnamon Pills(Non-Vegan):

Vitamin B 12(Vegan):

Vitamin B Complex(Vegan)(30 Capsule & 60 Capsule Option):


Black Seed Oil(Vegan)(Couldn’t Find The Same Brand I Had But This Is The One I Take Too An Alternative)(60 & 120 Capsule Option):


Vitamin D(Vegan) In The Video:

Vitamin D(Vegan) That I Am Currently Taking:

Black Cohosh(Vegan)(100 & 180 Capsule Option):


Seamoss &Bladderwrack(Vegan):



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