4 Supplements That Are Bad For Your Body & 4 That Are Good

4 Supplements That Are Bad For Your Body & 4 That Are Good

In this video, we will explain all the different types of supplements found in the market and more.

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Supplements we don’t need
1. Calcium Supplements – 0:29
2. Iodine Supplements – 1:27
3. Vitamin E Supplements – 2:20
4. Vitamin C Supplements – 3:06

Supplements we need
1. Protein Supplements – 4:10
2. Omega 3 Supplements – 4:52
3. Zinc Supplements – 5:53
4. Vitamin D Supplements – 6:53


Let’s start with the ones that you don’t actually need.

1. Calcium Supplements
For the last few years, it has become a trend to pitch calcium supplements in advertisements. The audience, in particular, are people ages 40 and above. While the ads may sound very promising, the products usually don’t justify the hype.

2. Iodine Supplements
You shouldn’t take Iodine supplements unless your doctor prescribes it. Mind you, doctors rarely will. Why? Because having too much iodine is often linked to thyroid problems.

3. Vitamin E Supplements
There was a time when taking Vitamin E supplements wasn’t considered a problem. Then some studies suggested it wasn’t a good idea. One study in particular made it very clear that people who took Vitamin E supplements had a higher risk of dying than those who didn’t.

Now that we have spoken about the supplements we don’t need, time to talk about the ones that we do.

1. Protein Supplements
In a study, it was found that protein powder has a positive effect on resistance and endurance training. Considering this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can actually opt for this supplement. It is still better than a lot of supplements we mentioned earlier. This doesn’t mean that there are no food alternatives.

2. Omega 3 Supplements
Yes, you can always consume sardines or tuna to get Omega 3 Fatty acids. Keep in mind, not everyone enjoys the salty smell of fish. Some people hate the smell so much that they refuse to go near it. Others find it hard to eat or digest.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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