10 Best Foods To Eat To Promote Hair Growth Fast

10 Best Foods To Eat To Promote Hair Growth Fast

Many of us are seeking to have a healthy and strong hair, especially as we grow older.

Factors like age, health, genetics and diet play important roles in how fast our hair grows. According to the U S Center for Disease Control, our hair grows around of 0.5 inches, or 1.25 centimeters per month. An average person can expect to grow 6 inches of hair per year.

Age and genetics are factors that cannot be changed in relation to hair growth, but changing diet can have a dramatic effect in how our hair grows. Eating healthy foods with the right nutrients can help us achieve fast hair growth.

But eating foods lack in nutrients needed by our hair to stay healthy can lead to hair loss.

In this video of the Brainy Coconut, we will take a look of the 10 Best Foods To Eat To Promote Hair Growth Fast.

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