✅ 73 Questions About Having Long Hair As a Guy – Mens Long Hairstyles

✅ 73 Questions About Having Long Hair As a Guy – Mens Long Hairstyles

Hey guys! So I wanted to bring you a different style of Q&A this month. If you haven’t seen them already, I was really inspired by the 73 questions segment that vogue do with different celebrities. I find them really cool because it allows the viewers to get a more personal view point of the celebrity.

Obviously I’m no celebrity but I thought answering your questions like this would be fun!

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question! I took the most interesting ones I thought I could give some value on.

Here’s a list of all the questions I answered in this video:

Why did you grow your hair out in the first place?
Number one hair product you can’t live without?
Is it “okay” to wear a men bun or have long hair with a five head?
How can I grow my hair faster?
What’s your wash routine for long healthy hair?
How long does it take to grow a top knot out into a bun?
Is it even worth growing it out?
Is long hair a journey or a destination?
Why do the sides grow faster than the top?
Have you considered minoxidil to up your beard gains?
What are your 3 favourite hair products to use?
If you could only pick one to go away with which would you pick and why?
How would you combat too much volume?
What’s thoughts on using pomade when doing your man bun?
How long do you plan on growing your hair?
Is it ok to take pills for faster hair growth?
Which ones?
My hair is all different lengths, where do I start with growing it out?
Should I grow my hair when I’m actually losing it?
I killed my hair with dye, should I do a treatment or shave it?
When are you going to dye your hair?
If your hair started growing a different colour, what would it be?
How would you style super messy curly hair during the awkward stage?
Should you cut your hair once in a while during growing out?
How often do you use conditioner/shampoo?
Best products for straight frizzy hair?
Good hairstyles for guys with thick hair?
How to do a slick back without hairspray?
Best shade of brown to dye men’s long hair?
Is it beneficial to trim if your hair if it’s already long?
Do you get annoyed when people ask you when you’re going to cut your hair?
What’s your opinion about gingers and their hair?
What are other men thinking about your long hair?
For a man bun, Should the back be the same length as the top?
Does your hair get poofy when brushing it?
Have you ever trimmed your hair on you own?
How did you stay motivated during the growing out process?
Go-to style with long hair?
How to maintain good hair during Summer?
Best thing you’ve learnt throughout your hair growth journey?
Is there any head shapes long hair doesn’t suit?
Do you have any desire to replicate the look of Dimebag Darrell?
Does you use any oils or extracts to keep your hair healthy?
How do I know that my hair is fit to be long?
How did you look good in the awkward stage?
Can you donate your hair if you dye it?
Did you ever go through a no growth phase on your journey?
Should guys with thin hair grow their hair out?
The barber fucked my hair up, should I cut it or keep growing?
Can you rinse your hair everyday?
Best long hair hairstyles for oval face shape?
My family is against me growing my hair, what do I do?
How long does your hair have to be to tie it up?
How long is your hair currently?
How do you apply anti-dandruff shampoo with a long hair?
At what point does your hair grow out of the lord farquad phase?
I got a trim but can’t really get a Bun now, what do I do?
Do you still need to actively straighten your hair now it’s long?
When are you getting that damn lowered undercut?
I have about 10 split ends, should I trim it or just leave it?
How do you prevent split ends?
Best tip to make hair smoother?
What’s the best treatment for brittle long hair?
Does brushing your hair help with hair growth?
How do you slow down shedding?
If you accidentally singed your hair, how would you fix it?
Do you apply a hair mask on damp or dry hair?
Can you show us ur ugliest pair of socks?
What’s the best thing about having long hair.
I’m meeting my girlfriends parents and I’m in the awkward stage, what do I do?
How do deal with awkward curls at the back?
What is the best tip for Frizz.
What do you say to people who make fun of your long hair?

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